Wiadomości Kościoła

Parish Festival

Just a reminder we will be having our second session this Tuesday July 13 at 6:00 p.m. in the small hall.


Last month we held our get together with the parish council, finance council, and the other heads of various committees of past festivals. It was unanimous that a two day event and a 34 course dinner was clearly beyond our resources at this. Jason Zapisek from our parish council came up with idea of a one day event and call it, “Half Way to Dyngus Day.” We decided upon October 16th as we looked through other festivals that weekend. The entire committee was for the idea as October gives us more time, it’s not a holiday weekend, and  the  connection  with  the  Polish  celebration  of Dyngus Day was a great idea. We all agreed that the idea of any get together should be first and foremost a focus upon getting together as a parish family and have fun. The recent sale of our convent has put the parish in a relatively good financial position and because of so many of us have been inside for so long, the idea of ‘fun’ seemed to supersede any idea of a “fund raiser!’ We will have food but something we can handle given the often lack of resources and volunteers. We will have some sort of ethnic Polish band, some gambling, games, bar with a possible beer garden tent outside to help welcome the Saturday night Tremont crowd to let them see and to know that St. John Cantius is open, alive, welcoming,  and  able  to  have  a  good  time.  It  was unanimous that if we do a beer garden, it be placed in the front of our parking lot closest to Professor Ave. and have the gates wide open for all visitors More news will follow as the committee have now been divided up into smaller groups to discuss the various needs of such an event (music, food, games etc). Thank you to all who attended the meeting and shared their great ideas with us. I am convinced it will be a great Saturday celebration for the parish, neighborhood, and the return of many of our school alumni. Fr. Roach 


BRYAN  ISTENES  estimates  he’s  attended Mass in about 14 different languages at roughly 200 churches in at least 10 states during the last few years, including in all but about a dozen of the 185 parishes in the Catholic Diocese of Cleveland.  One of Bryan's favorite visit was to St. John Cantius!  To learn more about Bryan and his travels read the article on pages 14-15 in July's Catholic Magazine (or click on the link).


We will be discontinuing the 830 am Tuesday Mass and moving it to 6:30 pm. This is a result of zero attendance at the morning Masses in general. Thursday will remain at 830 am. This will be effective beginning with our Tuesday July 6th Mass. Second, we will be sending out all of our statues in church at some point this year for repainting. Age, candle soot, and dirt are all embedded in the paint, folds, and faces of our statues. Paint chips, and some plaster damage are also present  especially St. Francis and the crucifixion in the back corner. As these statues have been a part of parish family forever, we need to give each one a complete “makeover.” I think you will be pleasantly surprised when they come back like new! Saint Anthony will be first to leave and receive his ‘makeover’ within the next week or so. The cost for each statue is $1,300.00. We will start with one, then hopefully acquire some donations to finish the project once we see how beautiful He will look.

Next  Sunday  weekend,  July  1718  we  will  have  our annual  mission  appeal.  We  will  not  have  a  visiting priest as we normally do. This is due to the COVID epidemic which was still unknown at the time we were scheduled for our appeal. I want to share with you some information about the  mission we will be supporting. The Crosier Fathers maintain two houses in the United States. Here in the United States, The Crosiers actively minister to the needs of the Church and society through pastoral  ministry,  spiritual  direction,  chaplaincy,  jail ministry,  campus  ministry,  immigrant  services, education and elder care. They are currently building a school,  grade  K12  in  the  Democratic  Republic  of Congo soon to be completed. The Order was founded in 1210 by Blessed Theodore de Celles and his companions. The name “Crosier” is derived  from  the  French  word  croisés,  which  means signed with the Cross. In medieval England, Crosiers were  known  as  the  Crutched  (crossed)  Friars.  The designation refers to the Cross and the spirituality of the Order.  Today  they  live  in  religious  communities  and operate a myriad of ministries both here in the US and abroad. Please be generous to their work and on behalf of  the  order,  I  want  to  thank  all  of  you  for  your generous support. Fr. Roach

We  are  excited,  and  blessed,  to  announce  that  The FEST is BACK for 2021 at a NEW LOCATION! Join us on Sunday, August 8, 2021 at Brookside Reservation in  the  Cleveland  Metroparks.      The  132  acres  of Brookside will allow for plenty of room for you to enjoy great music, inspiring displays and vendors, along with many opportunities for prayer and inspiration.   To keep everyone safe and comfortable, this year is the need to purchase an admission ticket for those 6 years of age and older. Tickets cost $10 and can be purchased online at www.TheFEST.us/tickets.  As you enter The FEST, you will receive a special day of FEST kit thanks to our friends at Marc’s.  There is plenty of FREE offsite parking, along with FREE shuttles to The FEST grounds.   See four great bands: for King & Country, Danny Gokey, Tauren Wells, and We Are Messengers!   Head to www.theFEST.us for all of the info!   Invite your family and friends to join you for an amazing day of faith, family and fun  The FEST